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Top 5 Benefits of Biking - Knobby Tire ToursKnobby Tire Tours

Top 5 Benefits of Biking

best biking trails in the world
5 Best Biking Trails in the World
December 5, 2017
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Top 5 Benefits of Biking

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Here are the top 5 benefits of biking:

Health Benefits

Biking is one of the best kinds of exercise for keeping fit.  Being fit means having a healthy, strong heart and being able to exert muscles for an extended period. Biking helps increase cardiovascular fitness; improve strength, endurance, and stamina; and enhance balance and flexibility. It also helps in losing weight by burning a significant amount of calories in the buddy. It is undeniable that human beings were designed to be physically active most of the time. Biking, as a physical activity, reduces your risk of heart attacks, stroke, diabetes and some cancers.

Moreover, riding a bike and getting some moderate exercise can also boost your immune system. You can, therefore, beat off colds and minor infections much easier than if you were a couch potato.

Further, most people start jogging or running when trying to lose weight. While jogging is without a doubt a cost-effective and an excellent way to lose some extra fats and some weight, you can go further on a bike regardless of your fitness levels. Biking is known for being a low impact activity that is generally kinder to your joints and your body. It causes less strain and injuries than most other forms of exercise. Also, studies indicate that cyclists continue to burn calories even after they’ve stopped biking. This means that you’re likely to still be burning energy several hours after your ride.

Biking also helps in reducing stress regardless of if you are riding purely for pleasure or for a specific purpose such as losing weight. Studies show that cycling improves mood, releases stress and creates a rush of endorphins to the brain.

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Tones Muscles

While it is true that biking works the glutes, quads, and calves and leaves you with lean muscles from your ankles all the way up to your lower back. Most people do not realize that biking actually a whole-body workout. It improves the core muscle groups which in turn improves posture and body build.

Cycling is Fun

Fun is one of the most important aspects of life because it turns ordinary activities into things you can enjoy. When you ride a bike, you get to see the beautiful view of the trail you are riding. You also get to breathe fresh air. Riding around with the wind in your face will make you feel like a kid again. When you ride with a group, you will get to enjoy the company. Generally, when you ride a bike you feel pleasure with excitement. Only when you get to experience such fun in cycling will you be able to understand what we really mean. The fun keeps your mind busy while your body does all the work, so you are more likely to keep it up long term.

Save Money

Gas is a major cost for drivers. When biking, you won’t need gas. Riding a bike allows you to save money on bus fares or on Gas. So each time you swap a car trip for a bike trip, you’re saving money. A bicycle is also cheaper to buy and maintain than a car. Biking is often a faster and more convenient option than driving with regard to traffic-jams and parking difficulties. Lastly, if you’re riding your bike most days of the week, you won’t need to pay for costly gym membership.


Meet Friends

Biking is surprisingly a social pastime. Riding with other cyclist makes it very easy to roll along and hold a conversation. Joining a cycling club or group is an excellent way to grow your social circle. It is always nice to share moments with people whom you have the same interest with. Riding with another cyclist also gives you the chance to learn some maintenance tips and training advice.

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