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Sick and tired of congested mountain bike trails? Tired of riding through scenery which is nothing more than mowed farm fields as well as gravel pits? Then head straight into the great Michigan! The mountain bike craze has taken off all throughout America like a rocket - and Michigan isn't an exception!

Mountain Biking at Crystal Mountain

A whole lot to do, and a whole lot of fun doing all this! Crystal Mountain is northern Michigan’s location for summer and fall fun! Fly across the mountain in the Crystal Coaster - Michigan’s one and only Alpine Slide. Go outside and get energetic having a mountain bike ride, nature hike or perhaps a relaxing float in the kayak down to the nearby crystal clear rivers. Finally, do not ignore the beauty and culture of the Michigan Legacy Art Park.

Hit the paths at Crystal Mountain to get a dynamic mountain biking experience. Experience miles of newbie, advanced, and more advanced on-site mountain bike tracks which connect with the Betsie River Pathway, North Country Trail, 22-mile Betsie Valley Trail, as well as Arcadia Dunes.

Mountain Biking at Boyne Mountain

At Boyne mountain, skiing is not the best way for getting all the way through. Once the snow's gone, the attention shifts from 2 feet to two wheels - and bikers hit the lifts for many hours of pedal-powered downhill fun.

Tear up 7 miles of fantastic sights, hills, and activates the paved loop trail, or experience the excitement of biking through forest area on the other paved trails. So if you are up into a few serious adventure, get out of the pavement behind with the 32.5 mile network of marked trails, including anything from the wide carriage pathhs to single travk. Don't forget your map, while keeping an eye out for the animals as you go along - or theymight just try to join the enjoyment.

Copper Harbor Trails

The Copper Harbor Trail system is found 50 miles north of Houghton, Michigan in the top end of the Keweenaw Peninsula. Trailheads can be found inside the village throughout the Copper Harbor Welcome Center and 1 mile south of the town in the county-owned Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, away from USHwy 41. The landscape includes a number of undulating ridges and valleys and it has sustained climbs and descents as much as three miles at a stretch.

Copper Harbor's trails show off fantastic, panoramic views over Lake Superior. Extensive singletrack around cedar-plankedbridges as well as boardwalks, wind gusts through old growth woodlands, alongside stream, inland lakes and also areas of historical value amongst the most natural, most vitalizing air on the planet, making it a must ride for any passionate mountain biker's "to do list".

Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Michigan's Upper Peninsula most likely could be the most remote and wild location in the eastern side of United States. Outlined in 3 sides through the Great Lakes, this is a land protected in thick forests as well as rolling hills, and lacking most indications of civilization.

The Michigan's Upper Peninsula has got the most biking trails within the state of Michigan. There are plenty of miles of back roads, logging roads, bike trails, snowmobile trails, and cross-country ski trails available to bikers, not to mention national and state forest tracks. The state highways haven't much traffic, which makes them ideal for biking as wekk. The roads extend on endlessly while you bike in the magnificent landscape of the Upper Peninsula.

Bald Mountain Loops

Driving past inland lakes and streams, both of these tree-lined loops provide cyclists a rollicking great time. Bumpy descents, sand traps, as well as some high hills make you stay alert, however for the most part both these cruisers guarantee a quick forest ride. The 4,600-acre park is really a perfect get away from the greater Detroit bustle, even though the gun noise coming from a nearby shooting range from time to time interferes with the pastoral image.

Pretty fast rolling trails throughout the woods which have a couple of small, steep hills and occasional sand. The north system offers some very nice views and winds all around several lakes and also offering a much better flow and lengthier loops. Generally easy to moderate level of skill. The paths continue to be wet for a long period during the spring.