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Welcome to MICHIGAN!

For many people, there’s no better place in the entire world than Michigan. The State of Michigan is really a state blessed with the wealth of pristine nature: the earth's longest freshwater shoreline, lakes which seem like oceans, sparkling beaches, mile after mile of orchards, marvelous sunrises and sunsets, day time heavens of the deepest blue, evening skies tossed with shining stars.

Lakes, campsites, wildlife refuges as well as 99 Michigan state parks and recreation spots develop a wide selection of recreational activities in Michigan. Rivers for water sports activities, and a lot of hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and also snowmobiling trails head their way around a few 100 species of trees.

Things To do and see!


Michigan fishing is focused on the passion for clean air, biting fish as well as enjoying laughs together with friends. Having FOUR Great Lakes, 11,000 inland lakes as well as numerous streams and rivers, there is absolutely no end to the areas to cast your line throughout your Michigan fishing experience.


Take pleasure from wonderful spring birding opportunities all the way through Michigan. Along with the snow melting as well as days becoming longer, Michigan’s spring birding season is present, and it is the best time to begin preparing. Brand new activities for Michigan’s bird watching community have raised over the past couple of years. It’s fascinating to have these chances to get folks outdoors and taking pleasure in Michigan’s natural splendor


Michigan provides more than a thousand camping grounds state-wide. Michigan camping gives something for everybody - camp alongside streams, lakes, sand dunes as well as beaches, close to the Great Lakes, on state parks as well as national forests. Enjoy Michigan camping in camping tents, Recreational vehicles, cabins, or sleeping beneath the stars.


Whether discovering the Great Lakes, sailing the coastline or ice sailing throughout a winter windswept lake, old salts as well as land lubbers alike, boating in Michigan is among the best adventure, not to mention the backdrop of captivating scenery, enchanting sounds and incredible atmosphere. Furthermore, you could peacefully drift the same waters as ancient folks, discover sea caves, uncover waterfalls or travel pristine rivers via kayaking. And to uncover the Michigan’s rich maritime past, you could go snorkeling and diving. Michigan’s diving and snorkeling provides certified divers as well as first-time snorkelers alike unique history lessons whilst experiencing the freshness of waters.


Pedal through Michigan’s rich forests and gentle hills on over 1,300 miles of bike trails throughout the state. Drive amidst vibrant wild flowers and swaying trees. Delight in the relaxing breezes while you pedal around panoramic lakes and streams. Experience the adrenalin rush getting down a mountain trail. Numerous trails provide amenities like bathrooms, picnic areas as well as informational signs. No matter whether leisure or mountain biking, Michigan features a tour for every single cyclist’s interest and level of comfort.